ISSN : 1803-7828 (Print), 2533-5634 (Online)
Vedoucí redaktor : Tereza Žůrková

Helfertova teorie hudebního muzea („hudebního archivu“)

The article is devoted to one of the first modern conceptions of a music museum within the framework of Czech or Czechoslovak ideas on musical museology. This conception originated with the musicologist Vladimír Helfert. The article follows the development of Helfert’s conception, which was realised…

Dva nově získané dopisy Bedřicha Smetany

In 2017 and 2018, the Smetana Museum added two of Bedřich Smetana’s letters to its collections. The letter written on 18 April 1859 in Dresden, the day before the death of the composer’s first wife Kateřina, was addressed to the piano virtuoso Alexander Dreyschock, and it is a major addition to…