ISSN : 1803-7828 (Print), 2533-5634 (Online)
Vedoucí redaktor : Tereza Žůrková

Árie Františka Škroupa do Halévyho opery La Juive

At the Czech Museum of Music there is a manuscript of an aria composed by František Škroup as an insertion for Halévy’s opera La Juive. As the conductor of the Estates Theatre, Škroup wrote it for the first German-language performance of the opera in Prague in 1838. The aria was inserted into the…

Prosazování Smetanovy Prodané nevěsty v Paříži

The Bartered Bride had to take a thorny path to reach the stage in Paris. Sixty years passed between the first attempts while Smetana was still living and the premiere at the Opéra-Comique. There were many people from the spheres of culture and politics involved in promoting the performing of The…

Basetové rohy Franza Doleischa v českých a svetových nástrojových zbierkach

A biography of Franz Doleisch, a Prague maker of woodwind instruments, summarises the facts so far known about his life. Basset horns account for more than half of the instruments he made. Preserved specimens from Czech and foreign collections are described with respect to their characteristic…