Restaurování vitráží z kostela svatého Jakuba Většího v Žebnici – shrnutí poznatků komplexního průzkumu

Stránky 19-32
Muzeum: Muzejní a vlastivědná práce | 2015/53/1

This paper summarizes information from the comprehensive exploration of all materials represented on a stained glass panel dating to the mid-14th century. The samples of glass, the corrosion layers, crusts and painting on glass were characterized by SEM/EDS, as well as samples of lead profiles and solder. The structure and consistency of the color layer, along with the underlying glass were also evaluated. Furthermore, the metal structure was observed at the metallographic cut. Corrosion products of the lead network and putties were measured by an X-ray diffractometer. These results were helpful during the detection of historic repairs and modern materiál used for previous restoration operations. The stained glass panel was documented photographically and X-ray images were also taken of the original lead network. Information was used to creation a restoration plan for this unique object. Finally, the existing humanistic studies were complemented by technological aspects.

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