Příbor, Wendelin Hueber a Bonifazio Gratiani ve světle dosud neznámého rukopisu

Stránky 159–174
Klíčová slova Příbor – Wendelin Hueber – Bonifazio Gratiani – religious confraternities – municipal school in the 17th century – sacred music – Baroque – mystical poetry – music in a parish church
Musicalia. Journal of the Czech Museum of Music / Časopis Českého muzea hudby | 2014/6/1-2

Research on a folder of manuscript parts from the mid-17th century (NM-ČMH AZ 88) has led to the finding that this previously unknown source, which comes from the town of Příbor in northern Moravia. On the basis of the provenience of inscriptions and impressions of rubberstamps, it is possible to follow the manuscript’s journey to the National Museum, and in particular its relationship to the municipal school, to the parish church, and hypothetically also to Baroque-era religious confraternities in Příbor. Most of the parts contain compositions by Wendelin Hueber (1615–1679) and Bonifazio Gratiani (1605–1664) that were issued in print around the year 1650. Some of the motets by W. Hueber that set a mystical medieval text offer a parallel to Buxtehude’s Membra Jesu Christi of 1680.

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