First record of Myotis aurascens and second record of Myotis brandtii in Montenegro [První nález netopýrce zlatistého (Myotis aurascens) a druhý nález netopýrce Brandtova (Myotis brandtii) v Černé Hoře]

Stránky 13–18`
Lynx, nová série | 2004/35/1

Two males of M. aurascens were collected at two sites in the western part of Montenegro, near Risan and west of Plužine. These findings represent the first record of this species in Montenegro and its second record in Serbia and Montenegro (after the earlier finding in Peć/Peja, Kosovo). At the latter site, a female of Myotis brandtii was also netted which represents the second record of this species in Montenegro.

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