Současné rozšíření vlka obecného (Canis lupus) v České republice [Recent distribution of the wolf (Canis lupus) in the Czech Republic]

Stránky 5–12
Lynx, nová série | 2004/35/1

Data on the wolf occurrence were obtained from the literature, from unpublished databases of various institutions and from questionnaires distributed among all 5576 hunting grounds throughout the Czech Republic as well as 39 nature conservation authorities. The distribution of the wolf was assessed taking into account records in individual squares of the standard UTM mapping grid (P6’×M10’) in mostly ten-year periods. The first new findings after the World War II were made in northern Moravia in 1947. Single records were made in one square (0.16% of the country area, 130 km2) in the periods 1945–1949 and 1950–1959. Rare occurrence was recorded in two squares (0.32%, 370 km2) in the period 1960–1969. Sporadic occurrence is known from 16 squares (2.54%, 2150 km2) from 1970–1979 and from 18 squares (2.87%, 2420 km2) from 1980–1989. The period 1990–1999 was of crucial importance for wolf population, when the occurrence was recorded in the total of 26 squares (3.98%, 3360 km2), and in three squares (0.48%, 400 km2) the occurrence could be already evaluated as irregular. The current occurrence in the period 2000–2003 is dated from 30 squares (4.78%, 4030 km2) – irregular occurrence in seven squares (1.11%, 940 km2) and for the first time regular occurrence in 12 squares (1.92%, 1610 km2). The total size of wolf population in the Czech Republic is estimated at 5 to 17 individuals.

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