Besonderheiten der Schmelzoberfläche bei Säugetierzähnen [Zvláštnosti povrchu skloviny savčích zubů]

Stránky 171–181
Lynx, nová série | 2001/32/1

The ornamentation or rugosities of the enamel surface is in general neither related to the form of the enamel-dentin-junction nor to the microstructure of the enamel. Mostly these rugosities such as perikymata are formed by the outermost enamel layer. However it is here demonstrated for the first time that vertical HSB form distinct ridges on the enamel surface. In Zigzag enamel, the vertical structures often are also marked by ridges on the surface. Even among the longitudinal ridges of rodent incisors, some are definitely linked in position to the schmelzmuster. Pathological modifications of the enamel surface are discussed.

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