ISSN : 2570-6861 (Print), 2570-687X (Online)
Vedoucí redaktor : Kateřina Spurná

Knihovny ženských klášterů v pohusitském období

The libraries of Bohemian female monasteries were distinctive units with thematically diverse codices in both manuscript and printed form. This article focuses on their composition and possible transformation in the Post-Hussite period with an overlap to the 16th century. Five important nunneries of…

Pátečníci v kresbě

The article deals with depictions of a looser private group associated with the writer Karel Čapek (1895–1938). The company as a group was captured in three drawings by the artist and writer Adolf Hoffmeister (1902–1973), which he dated to 1927. The public is most familiar with the drawing called…

Tlumok sběratele. Zápisníky Boženy Němcové

Less-known sources on the life and work of Božena Němcová include her notebooks. She probably had a large number of them, but only four have been preserved, of which one has been published in its entirety. The remaining ones have been issued in fragments. Němcová used three notebooks during her…