Muzejní komunikace online: Projekt webových stránek Hrdličkova muzea člověka PřF UK

Pages 11-20
Museum: Museum and Regional Studies | 2014/52/2

Museum staff can utilise the new media in many different ways. This article identifies three areas in which technologies, thoughts, concepts and ideas related to new media can enrich museums. We can use the new media in exhibitions, for implementing special events (workshops, competitions, etc.) and for propagating information and for public relations. The new media bring to museums such concepts as user generated content, collaboration, information-sharing and participation. The user is the most important factor in the new media environment - s/he is at the centre of it. Parallel to the user is the museum visitor, who wishes to feel welcome in the museum, seeks to acquire new knowledge and to experience something interesting. Frequently a website acts as a gateway to a museum. Often potential visitors will receive their important first impression solely from the museum’s website so we should not underestimate the importance of its design. Consequently the major part of this article describes the preparation of a new website for the Hrdlicka Museum of Man.

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