ISSN : 0036-5351
Editor in Chief : PhDr. Jaroslava Kašparová, Ph.D.

Provenance records in the CERL Thesaurus and in Material Evidence in Incunabula

The integration and retrieval of records containing provenance information is at the core of the Consortium of European Research Libraries (CERL)'s mission: provenance records can now be retrieved, when present, in the Heritage of the Printed Book database (HPB), in the CERL Portal (CP), in the CERL…

Methodische Überlegungen zur Provenienzerschließung

Most German libraries holding important historical collections are increasingly engaged in provenance description as an important issue of considering books as material objects. Since the publication of the Washington Principles in 1998 provenance research gained special interest as a means of…

Provenance des livres anciens: du signalement aux reconstructions

For more than twelve years, the Bibliothčque municipale de Lyon has been striving to create a Provenance database linking its collections to their former owners, Throughout Europe and now through the streets of the city of Lyon itself with walking tours evoking the history of ancient libraries, this…