Pražské groše se jménem Ludvíka I. Typologický rozbor / Prague grossi with the name of Louis I. A typological analysis

Stránky 13-61
DOI 10.1515/nl-2016-0002
Numismatické listy | 2016/71/1-2

The Prague grossi with the name of Louis I are classified in two groups: the pieces struck in the government mint in Kuttenberg and the nongovernment coins produced by the Schlick family in the newly opened mint in Joachimsthal. The typology designed by J. Hásková (1971) does not cover all recently known varieties of these grossi. The new typological classification offers all obverse and reverse dies, including all recently registered combinations of the particular varieties of the Prague grossi bearing the name of Louis I. Via producing the relative chronology, the research was focused on the verified use of the reverse dies of the Prague grossi struck under Vladislaus II Jagiellon for the grossi produced by Louis I in Kuttenberg, and on the subsequent use of the reverse dies of the grossi of Louis I for the same type of coins struck under Ferdinand I. The author was also interested in wearing, damage and later modifications of some punchmarks used during production of the grossi dies.

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