ISSN : 1803-0386
Vedoucí redaktor : Stehlík Michal

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Audioprůvodce – běžná součást, nebo nadstavba expozice?

The article deals with the possibilities of using audio guides in current museum exhibitions. It represents their potential, risks of implementation and also the limits that they may represent for visitors during a routine inspection of memory institutions. At the same time, through the author‘s own…

Paměti z karantény

The Ústí nad Labem Municipal Museum‘s “Memoirs from Quarantine” campaign aimed to reach and engage seniors during the pandemic lockdown period in 2020. The campaign attracted great interest in the region as well as outside the borders of the Czech Republic and managed to enrich the museum‘s…

Elektronický divadelní archiv, zvaný EDA – databáze divadelních inscenací

The database of theatre productions Electronic Theatre Archive (EDA) is one of the multiple outcomes of an extensive grant project funded by the NAKI II Route Towards Theatre grant program, which is focused on the preservation and analysis of theatre playbills as a unique source of information. The…