Nálezy ježka západního (Erinaceus europaeus) na jihovýchodní Moravě [The records of the Western hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) in southeastern Moravia]

Stránky 257–258
Lynx, nová série | 2004/35/1

The article reports on recent records of the Western hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) situated apart from its so far known range, at its easternmost edge in southeastern Moravia. The carrion of the Western hedgehog was found on 16 April 2003, in the floodplain forest in the area of the confluence of the Morava and Dyje Rivers (Soutok game reserve, the municipality of the town of Lanžhot, Břeclav District, South Moravia county, 7367 square of the Central-European KFME mapping grid, altitude 150 m, ca. 1 km apart from the border with Slovakia). This is the first record of this species not only for Soutok area but for the whole Břeclav district and probably for the whole alluvium of the lower Morava and Dyje Rivers. During 1995–2002, four records of the Western Hedgehog were noticed in the Bílé Karpaty Hills, very near the border (400 m to 4.5 km) between the Czech Republic and Slovakia (relevant squares: 7073, 7169 and 7171). These are the first published records of the species within this orographical unit and they might suggest the species’ range may reach to the territory of Slovakia as well.

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