Distribution of Mus spicilegus (Mammalia: Rodentia) in Slovakia [Rozšírenie myši kopčiarky (Mus spicilegus) (Mammalia: Rodentia) na Slovensku]

Stránky 55–60
Lynx, nová série | 2003/34/1

In the years 2001–2002, occurrence of M. spicilegus was mapped in the lowland areas of Slovakia. The presence of the typical loamy mounds with food reserves consisting of weed and grass seeds was searched for. Occurrence of M. spicilegus has been recorded in southern Slovakia from 17° 34’ E to 18° 55’ E and from the Hungarian border to 48° 20’ N. The population in vicinity of the Čunovo village near Bratislava probably represents a part of a larger population penetrating there from Austria. Occurrence of M. spicilegus in eastern Slovakia has been recorded in two areas: (a) from 21° 06’ E to 21° 20’ E and from the Hungarian border to 48° 37’ N; (b) from 21° 39’ E to the Ukrainian border and from the Hungarian border to 48° 26’ N.

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