Zoogeography of Holocene mammals in northern Eurasia [Zoogeografie holocénních savců severní Evroasie]

Stránky 233–245
Lynx, nová série | 2001/32/1

Information on about 1600 Holocene mammal localities of the former Soviet Union was generalized in the form of electronic database HOLFAUNA. The computer maps of mammal ranges for the main Holocene intervals were constructed. The main features of the species composition and distribution in mammal assemblages were revealed for the principal Holocene periods (Preboreal, Boreal, Atlantic, Subboreal, and Subatlantic). The reconstructed biomes reflect the specific environmental and climatic conditions of the different Holocene periods. This information allowed also ascertaining the time and places of the first occurrence and further expansion of the domestic animals.

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