Myocricetodontinae and Megacricetodontini (Rodentia) from the lower Miocene of NW Anatolia [Fauna podčeledi Myocricetodotinae a tribu Megacricetodontini (Rodentia) ze spodního miocénu severozápadní Anatolie (Turecko)]

Stránky 371–388
Lynx, nová série | 2001/32/1

The small mammal assemblage from Keseköy (MN 3) is dominated by Muroidea. Among these there is a new primitive myocricetodontine, Vallaris zappai gen. nov., sp. nov., and Megacricetodon sp. Vallaris gen. nov. is considered to be at least potentially ancestral to later myocricetodontine genera. The similarity in dental morphology of some myocricetodontines and Megacricetodon is considered to be the result of convergent evolution, so they are not closely related.

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