Vplyv trofickej aktivity bobra (Castor fiber) na drevinnú zložku vybraných pobrežných fytocenóz Záhorskej nížiny [The influence of beaver (Castor fiber) on the woody component of chosen littoral phytocenoses on the Záhorie lowland (Western Slovakia).]

Stránky 23–32
Lynx, nová série | 2000/31/1

The effect of beaver cutting on forest succession were studied on the Záhorie in west part of Slovakia on three study areas. Beavers were found to be selective in their choice of woody plants, preferring willow and poplar over all other species present. The beavers prefer most the trees with the averege size of stem lower than 10 cm. The maximum of their cutting activity fall down to the period from October till December. The most expressive influence of beaver on the trees is the creation of blocked successional stages. Another influence are changes in the density of trees in the riparian forest to the distance of 15 m.

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