Variability of body and skull dimensions of the lynx (Lynx lynx) [Variabilita tělesných a lebečních rozměrů rysa ostovida (Lynx lynx)]

Stránky 5–12
Lynx, nová série | 2000/31/1

Variability of coloration in 53 individuals, variability of body dimensions in 42 individuals and variability of skull dimensions and frequency of dental anomalies in 75 individuals of lynx (Lynx lynx) from the Czech Republic were studied. In the coloration, spotted individuals with reddish coloring were predominant (86.7%). Statistically significant differences between males and females in the body length, body height and weight were found. In the case of variability of skull dimensions, a significant sexual dimorphism in majority of observed parameters was confirmed. Current data on the frequency of occurrence of dental anomalies were gathered. Polydoncy was found in 26.7%, oligodoncy in 5.3 %.

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