ISSN : 2533-4050 (tisk), 2533-4069 (online)
Vedoucí redaktor : Jiří Kvaček

The unique record of Za Hájovnou Cave.

The cave Za Hájovnou is a former sinkhole. It was active from the Early Pleistocene until the beginning of the Cromerian Interglacials complex. This publication assesses the sediments of the two main corridors, the Vykopaná chodba and the Narozeninová chodba. Only two exposures have been found with…

Palynological analysis of sediments from Za Hájovnou Cave, Javoříčko Karst.

The sediments of profiles ZH P-2, 5, 7, 8b, 9, 10 and 11 from Za Hájovnou Cave (Javoříčko Karst) were studied from a palynological point of view. Most of layers (except layer 1c/ZH P-10, layer 7e /ZH P-2) were paleontologically dated as Holsteinian Interglacial. The alynospectra confirmed the mild…

Seasonality of use of Za Hájovnou Cave by bears and lions.

Dental cementum from lions (Panthera fossilis) and bears (Ursus deningeri) found in Za Hájovnou Cave in Javoříčko Karst were studied. In order to determine the reasons why bears and cave lions crawled into the cave, tooth cement increments were analysed. I used thin sections of the tooth roots of…