Panthera fossilis (REICHENAU, 1906) (Felidae, Carnivora) from Za Hájovnou Cave (Moravia, the Czech Republic): a fossil record from 1987–2007.

Stránky 59-70
Fossil Imprint / Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae, Series B - Historia Naturalis | 2014/70/1-2

Based on basic morphometric analysis, 64 fossil remains of lion-like felids from Middle Pleistocene deposits of Za Hájovnou Cave, dated to the period around MIS 9, are attributed to the species Panthera fossilis (REICHENAU, 1906). Within the studied sample, two groups can be preliminarily distinguished. The first group consists of typical representatives of the species, fossils of which were found in cave sediments deposited probably during MIS 9 and/or earlier and their remains corresponds with lion fossils from Château (MIS 13) or Petralona ( MIS 11) from a morphometric point of view. The second group consists of lion fossils from cave deposits dated to the period  MIS 9, belonging to specimens with more advanced characters, indicating a trend towards the characters observed in so called “intermediate forms”, especially from the Saalian Complex (e. g. from Azé or Wierzchowska Górna).

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