ISSN : 2533-4050 (tisk), 2533-4069 (online)
Vedoucí redaktor : Jiří Kvaček

Tremadocian trilobites of the Prague Basin, Czech Republic

A revision of the trilobites of the Třenice and Mílina Formations (Upper Tremadocian) confirms the presence of 29 species. Celdometopus gen. n. is established, and six new species, Agerina clymene, Hemibarrandia klouceki, Holoubkocheilus asopus, Parabathycheilus krafti, Platypeltis perseis, and…

Contribution on the algal flora of Slovenia, with emphasis on newly recorded algal taxa

For the purpose of the present study, algae were investigated in two eutrophic lakes, two peat bogs, three different waterfalls, four different springs, a brackish lake, three types of wastewater, four types of aerial habitat, and the flysch river of Dragonja, all in Slovenia. The study was carried…