ISSN : 0231-844X (print), 2533-5685 (online)
Vedoucí redaktor : Jiří Honzl

Franz Hölzlhuber (1826–1898). Ein Transatlantischer Freund von Vojta Náprstek

In 1876 Vojta Náprstek (1826–1894) received from America – from his „transatlantic Friend“ Franz Hölzlhuber (1826–1898) – twenty one watercolor-paintings. Hölzlhuber worked in Milwaukee (1856-1860) as candy maker, singer, composer, conductor and painter. In Milwaukee he met Vojta Náprstek and their…

Alois Richard Nykl and the Náprstek Museum

The personal papers of the Bohemian-born American linguist, Arabist, and Romanicist Alois Richard Nykl (1885–1958) are the largest archival collection of the Náprstek Museum. This study analyses the history of the collection and the reasons why it was bequeathed to this institute. The then director…

Folding Screens in the Japanese Collection of the Náprstek Museum

This article deals with the collection of Japanese folding screens from the Náprstek Museum in Prague. First part of the article presents a historical overview and some basic facts about Japanese folding screens; subsequently the text deals with the phenomenon of screens within the context of…