ISSN : 0036-5351
Vedoucí redaktor : PhDr. Jaroslava Kašparová, Ph.D.

Vliv pečetnictví na supralibros a exlibris moravských klášterů

The symbolism of monasteries had its irreplaceable place in the Early Modern Period. Monasteries used their coats of arms first of all on seals and buildings, but also to mark their books with them. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the supralibros and ex libris with coats of arms are known from most…

Osobní knihovna Jana Reimosera v divadelním oddělení Národního muzea

Jan Reimoser (1904–1979), dance critic, theoretician, librettist, translator and educator, is one of the most remarkable figures to have contributed to the development of the art of dance in Czechoslovakia. The Theatre history Department of the National Museum contains his estate including hundreds…