Češství v pojetí médií krajní pravice

Stránky 47-50
Klíčová slova Czech identity, far-right media, neo-fascist, neo-nazis
Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae – Historia litterarum | 2010/55/3-4

The article deals with the concept of Czech identity in contemporary far-right media. At the start, two main political streams are identified (neo-fascist and neo-nazi) and chosen their core media (portals cz, altermedia.info and odpor.org) for analysis. The bulk of the article is devoted to comparing the two media, identifying and interpreting both their hits ("who isn't/can't be Czech") and their difference (,,who is/can be Czech"). The article presents a series of illustrations that for Czech neo-nazis and neo-fascists is (not only by Czechness-question) basic (and probably unbeaten) rift different approach to Germanness (and related historical events, especially WWII.). Finally, it highlights the found content blend between the neo-fascist extreme right and the populist one.

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