Role tisku při utváření české sportovní obce

Stránky 51-56
Klíčová slova Czech sporting press, sport journalism, sports magazines
Citace LUKŠŮ, David. Role tisku při utváření české sportovní obce. Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae – Historia litterarum. Praha: Národní muzeum, 2010, 55(3-4), 51-56. ISSN 0036-5351. Dostupné také z:
Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae – Historia litterarum | 2010/55/3-4

Probably no other kind of journalism is so deeply connected with its concern like sports journalism and sports. Czech sporting press, like in many other European countries, rose directly from sports movement. On the other hand it was the sporting press, which bad a significant impact on sport public forming. This article concerns the ways used by sport journalism to shape sporting events in Bohemia until the beginning of WWI. Besides popularization of sports branches Czech specialized sport media defended Czech sport against local and foreign opponents and it was also an active participant in sporting processes. Sports magazines served as a media authority of sporting associations and they arranged sports actions on their own. The first sports writers were also the first sportsmen and officials of sports clubs.

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