Příběh Musaionu Expozice českého národopisu na půdě Národního muzea v průběhu času / The Story of Musaion - Exposition of Czech ethnography in the National museum over time

Stránky 5-14
Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae - Historia | 2015/69/3-4

Summary of the history of Czech ethnography exhibition in the National Museum in Prague resulting in the current exposition of Musaion. The roots of the activities are associated with large exhibition events in late 19th century, the Jubilee exhibition in 1891 and the Ethnographic Exhibition in 1895. From these exhibitions there was subsequently created the first ethnographic museum exhibition at the National Museum – Peasant hall, in a newly constructed building of National Museum in Prague on Wenceslas Square and foremost a separate Ethnographic Museum Czechoslavonic, ongoing since 1922 in today‘s Ethnographic Department of the National Museum. Over the past century, originated from these deposits, it has grown in one of the largest ethnographic museums in Central Europe, managing today a collection of 200,000 items of Czech and European folklore. In 2005, the museum complex, located in the Kinsky Summerhouse in Smíchov and restored under a new name Musaion There was an ethnographic multidisciplinary institution, including its activities permanent exhibition also live activities in the exhibition, art and society.

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