ISSN : 0029-6074
Editor in Chief : Mgr. Lenka Vacinová, Ph.D.

Pryč se zrádci: římské mince jako nástroj politické agitace

The considerable potential of the coin image as a means of political agitation during the time of the Roman Republic has been recognized long ago. This paper concerns with interpretation of mythological scenes presenting the punishment of high treason and examines their possible connection to…

Hromadný nález mincí mezi Klobuky a Vrbičany (okr. Kladno) v roce 1846

A hoard of coins from the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries was discovered between Klobuky and Vrbičany in 1846. The coins and the container were preserved by economic official K. M. Lambl; however, more detailed information regarding the hoard and its composition was not recorded in the academic…

Nález mincí ze 13. století z Bořanovic (okr. Praha-východ)

A coin hoard found by private metal detecting on 9th October 2012 on the cadastral territory of Bořanovice (Prague-East District) consisted of five bracteates of the Bohemian King Přemysl I Ottokar (1192–1193, 1197/1198–1230), 42 bracteates of Henry III the Illustrious, Margrave of Meissen…

Pražský groš Václava IV. s obrácenými měsíčky v horní řadě lví hřívy

The article presents a new image variant of the Wenceslaus IV’s Prague groschen of the Hána XI type bearing a lion with reversed crescents in the upper row of its mane. Both documented specimens were struck with different obverse dies bringing thus two new variants with various types of the crown.

Příspěvek ke struktuře příjmů Jiřího z Poděbrad

The article is concerned with the range of financial sources of George of Poděbrady, which are divided into 14 categories. The first eight ones present typical ruler’s income, the remaining six categories are results of financial politics of a member of the noble class. George’s revenues from the…

Řád sultanátu Johor z vlastnictví arcivévody Františka Ferdinanda d’Este

The Johore Sultanate in Malaysia became one of the stops on Franz Ferdinand’s journey around the world (15th December 1892 – 18th October 1893). During this visit, the Archduke was conferred with the Most Esteemed Royal Family Order of Johor (introduced by the Sultan Abu Bakar in 1886), as attested…

Pamětní mince vydané v roce 2021

The Czech National Bank issued a total of seven commemorative coins of the year 2021: three 200 CZK commemorative silver coins, one 500 CZK commemorative silver coin, two 5.000 CZK gold coins and one 10.000 CZK gold coin.