Český kruhový peníz střížkem pro vídeňský fenik – záhada pokračuje?

Pages 164–177
Keywords restrike, round penny with a lion, pfennig, Wenceslas IV (1378–1419), Albrecht V (1397–1439), 3D model, Vienna [A]
Type of Article Peer-reviewed
Citation GREGOR, Pavel. Český kruhový peníz střížkem pro vídeňský fenik – záhada pokračuje?. Numismatické listy. Prague: National Museum, 2020, 75(1-4), 164–177. ISSN 0029-6074. Also available from: https://publikace.nm.cz/en/periodicals/numismaticke-listy/75-1-4/cesky-kruhovy-peniz-strizkem-pro-vidensky-fenik-zahada-pokracuje
Numismatické listy | 2020/75/1-4

The subject of this article is the previously presented round penny with a lion restruck with a Vienna pfennig. To identify the denominations, a computer-generated 3D model was used which showed the height of the relief in false colours. A detailed analysis of the individual parts of the coin image has identified a square flan (quadratum supercusum) coin, similar to the Castelin 37 type, and a Vienna pfennig of Albrecht V of Austria from the period of his guardianship by Leopold IV of Austria, type Koch CNA I Fa4. The original strike had been probably a square flan coin, which was later restruck by the pfennig of Albrecht V.

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