ISSN : 0029-6074
Editor in Chief : Mgr. Lenka Vacinová, Ph.D.

Okrojené falsum pražského groše Ferdinanda I. a problematika okrajování pražských grošů / Clipped forgery of the Prague grossus of Ferdinand I and problems with clipping of the Prague gross

A clipped forgery of the Prague grossus of Ferdinand I of Habsburg is described in the article. Its fabric is relatively good, the massive clipping obviously reminds this sort of activity typical for territories outside the Kingdom of Bohemia, where mainly the Prague grossi of John I of Luxemburg or…

Pamětní medaile v základním kameni kostela sv. Anny v Českých Budějovicích / A commemorative medal reminding setting of the foundation stone of the St. Ann Church in České Budějovice

The article is focused on the commemorative medal connected with foundation of the Baroque St. Ann Church affiliated to the Capuchin Monastery in České Budějovice. The data from the chronicles and official records report about the fact, that on June 1, 1615, the municipal council had ‘ein ubergeltn…

Pamětní mince vydané v roce 2018 / Commemorative coins produced in 2018

The Czech National Bank issued seven commemorative coins in 2018. Three of them are in silver: the 200 CZK piece celebrating the 500th anniversary of edition of the Klaudyán map of Bohemia, the 200 CZK piece celebrating the 200th anniversary of foundation of the National Museum, the 200 CZK piece…