Muzeum umění Olomouc: O muzeu umění, sbírání a vystavování výtvarného umění na Olomoucku

Pages 35-42
Museum: Museum and Regional Studies | 2014/52/2

The Olomouc Museum of Art was founded more than sixty years ago. It was not created all at one time: its development was gradual and took many twists and turns. This particularly applies to its core collection, which consists of State, Church and private collections that were donated to the care of the Museum. Today the Olomouc Museum of Art looks after 170,000 art objects, both ancient and modern. The exhibits and the additional activities occupy three separate buildings: the Museum of Modern Art (the future home of the Central European Forum project) and two Archdiocesan Museums, in Olomouc and in Kroměříž. The Museum’s fundamental objectives are to provide aesthetic experiences while also contributing to the restoration of Olomouc to its former status. The confrontation between old and modern art has helped to maintain continuity between the pillars of European civilisation: Antiquity, Judaism and Christianity.

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