Tajemství pozůstalosti historika umění (Osobní fondy Karla Chytila) / Secrets of an art historian’s legacy (Karel Chytil’s private collection)

Pages 54-62
Journal of the National Museum. History Series | 2015/184/1-2

The paper analyses the written legacy of the art historian Karel Chytil. This collection of documents is outstanding at first sight by being fragmented across four institutions in Prague: the National Museum Archives, the Charles University Archives, the Museum of Decorative Arts Archives, and the Academy of Sciences Institute of Art History. This distribution is due chiefly to the document author’s rich life story and progressive activities in various institutions both educational and scientific. Each of the segments of the written legacy thus bears the characteristic features of the institutions in which it is deposited, and only the whole gives a comprehensive picture of this outstanding scholar’s work.

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