ISSN : 1214-0627
Editor in Chief : Woitschová Klára

Josef Holeček a Rusko / Josef Holeček and Russian Empire

The Russian Empire in second half of nineteenth century represented important phenomenon for modern Czech society and its political development. The aim of this study was to describe the relationship of the prominent Czech writer and intellectual Josef Holeček to Russia in this time on the basis of…

Příspěvek k poznání problematiky obnovy politického stranictví v Československu po druhé světové válce / Paper on state of knowledge of restoration of political party affiliation in Czechoslovakia after World War II

The study deals with the transformations of Czechoslovak political party affiliation after World War II, beginning with the political meetings of exile politicians still in the war time, when the picture of future post-war arrangements was taking form, and the idea of the National Front was being…