Lyžařští šampioni první republiky

Pages 21–30
Citation SWIERCZEKOVÁ, Lucie. Lyžařští šampioni první republiky. Journal of the National Museum. History Series. Prague: National Museum, 2014, 183(3-4), 21–30. ISSN 1214-0627. Also available from:
Journal of the National Museum. History Series | 2014/183/3-4

This article looks at the status of ski sports in Czechoslovakia during the First Republic and skiing competitions, and outlines the successes and problems of ski sports during this period. It focuses in particular on two athletes who were amongst the best skiers in Czechoslovakia during this period: Vladimír Novák and Růžena Beinhauerová, and explores their fates and impressions from the competitions they took part in on the basis of archive sources and contemporary journalism.

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