Datolit z permských metabazaltov na lokalite Lošonec (Malé Karpaty, jz. Slovensko)

Pages 91-95
Bulletin mineralogicko-petrologického oddělení Národního muzea v Praze | 2010/18/2

Fine-crystalline to massive datolite has been identified as nodule and fracture fillings in Permian rift-related metabasalts near Lošonec village, Malé Karpaty Mountains, SW Slovakia. The electron-microprobe and X-ray diffraction data [a = 4.8365(2) å, b = 7.6120(5) å, c = 9.6353(5) å, β = 90.128(6)°] indicate a nearly pure datolite end-member. Datolite associates with quartz, calcite, talc/stevensite and hematite (goethite?). It precipitated probably from post-magmatic (hydrothermal) boron-rich fluids of volcanic origin.

Full Text of the Article

Full Text of the Article

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