Příprava výstavy historických oděvů bez vitrín a péče o ni se zaměřením na monitorování prašnosti

Stránky 25-31
DOI 10.1515/mmvp-2017-0011
Citace ŠULCOVÁ, Veronika. Příprava výstavy historických oděvů bez vitrín a péče o ni se zaměřením na monitorování prašnosti. Muzeum: Muzejní a vlastivědná práce. Praha: Národní muzeum, 2016, 54(2), 25-31. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/mmvp-2017-0011. ISSN 1803-0386. Dostupné také z: https://publikace.nm.cz/periodicke-publikace/mmavdpc/54-2/priprava-vystavy-historickych-odevu-bez-vitrin-a-pece-o-ni-se-zamerenim-na-monitorovani-prasnosti
Muzeum: Muzejní a vlastivědná práce | 2016/54/2

In terms of the preparation for the Major Exhibition entitled “Retro”, which opened in June 2016, we were faced with the problem of how to manage the installation of a large amount of clothing without using any showcases. The women’s and men’s clothing that was installed came not only from the collections of the Historical Museum and the Náprstek Museum, but also represented the contemporary creations of both domestic and foreign designers and apparel houses. The installation in open areas not only provides a more immediate experience for the visitor and proffers wider architectural options and represents a significantly lower financial burden, but at the same time it also poses risks for the precious garments. The biggest risks include dust nuisance, pests and also undisciplined visitors in the manner of damage from touch and also from theft and vandalism. We try to take into account all these risks and on the basis of surveying the possible solutions eliminate them. At the same time a method of dust monitoring has been tested in the ongoing exhibition and its results are also discussed in the article.

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