Popularizace přírodovědných muzejních sbírek a literatury pomocí platformy Biodiversity Library Exhibition (BLE)

Stránky 55 - 58
Muzeum: Muzejní a vlastivědná práce | 2014/52/1

Through the involvement of the National Museum’s Natural History Museum in several European projects (such as 4D4Life1, BHL-Europe2 or OpenUp!3) we got a great opportunity to focus on the dissemination of information about natural history (on-line). Thanks to modern technology, this information could reach a broad audience in the whole world. One of the results of these projects is the Biodiversity Library Exhibition (BLE) platform4, designed to provide tours through interesting topics about natural history. The BLE platform has been on-line since February 2012 and already has gotten more than 76 thousand individual visits. Already available on the platform are four thematic topics focusing on Spices, Expeditions, Poisons in nature and Nature around the home. New topics are in preparation with international collaboration. You can find the BLE platform at http://www.biodiversityexhibition.com/en.

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