Records of shrews from Panay and Palawan, Philippines, with the description of two new species of Crocidura (Mammalia: Soricidae) [Nálezy bělozubek z ostrovů Panaj a Palawan (Filipiny), s popisem dvou nových druhů rodu Crocidura (Mammalia: Soricidae)]

Stránky 5–20
Lynx, nová série | 2007/38/1

Two new species of shrews are described from the Philippines; Crocidura panayensis sp. nov. from primary montane forest on Panay, and C. batakorum sp. nov. from secondary lowland forest on Palawan. Both taxa belong to different species groups and have different biogeographical relations. New specimens of Suncus murinus are reported from both islands, including an albinistic specimen from Panay.

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