Savi\'s pipistrelle (Hypsugo savii): bat species breeding in the Czech Republic (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) [Netopýr saviův (Hypsugo savii): další v Česku se rozmnožující druh netopýra (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae)]

Stránky 19–21
Lynx, nová série | 2006/37/1

On 17 August 2006, an adult female Savi’s pipistrelle (Hypsugo savii) was mist-netted above a park fountain in the Brno city. The female showed signs of postlactation like the presence of bare patches around its bulgy nipples. It was measured, banded and next night released in the same park. Previous records of the species concerned two males and a subadult female. This is the fourth record of H. savii but the first reliable one indicating reproduction of this species in the territory of the Czech Republic.

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