Karyotype analysis of Murina suilla and Phoniscus atrox from Malaysia (Chiroptera: Murininae, Kerivoulinae) [Karyotypová analysa dvou netopýrů z Malajsie: trubkonosa vepřího (Murina suilla) a vlnouška vroubkozubého (Phoniscus atrox) (Chiroptera: Murininae, Kerivoulinae)]

Stránky 275–284
Lynx, nová série | 2006/37/1

For the first time, chromosomal data are presented for Murina suilla (2n=44, FN=58) and Phoniscus atrox (2n=40). The karyotype of Murina is distinguished from that of Myotis by the presence of euchromatic short arms on chromosomes 12, 13 and 15. The chromosomal complement of Phoniscus atrox is characterized by extensive addition of heterochromatic short arms and a paracentric inversion in chromosome 8. The reduction in the diploid chromosome number is due to Robertsonian fusion of chromosomal arms 8+13 and 11+14, respectively.

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