Bats of the middle and upper Kızılırmak regions, Central Anatolia, Turkey (Chiroptera) [Netopýři oblasti středního a horního Kizilirmaku, střední Anatolie, Turecko (Chiroptera)]

Stránky 151–159
Lynx, nová série | 2006/37/1

In this study, we found 15 bat species in the middle and upper Kızılırmak regions of central Anatolia. Four of these species were new for this region, while four previously recorded species were not found. Our new results raise the total number of species recorded in these subregions to 19. The taxonomic position of Plecotus bats, which is under discussion recently, was evaluated and P. teneriffae was recorded under its correct name for the first time in this region. Among the provinces in the area, Niğde and Kayseri have more bat species than the others by 11 species.

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