Archeologické doklady divokých savců na území ČR v období od neolitu po novověk [Archaeological evidence of wild mammals in the Czech Republic from the Neolithic to the Modern times]

Stránky 55–101
Lynx, nová série | 2005/36/1

A database of all available data concerning wild mammals originating from archaeological sites in the Czech Republic was compiled from published and unpublished sources. The database consists of localities that provided at least one record of a wild mammal. It contains data about the presence and dominance of species within each locality. Altogether, data from 337 faunal assemblages from 230 archaeological sites were collected. These data were categorised into nine basic archaeological periods from the Neolithic to Modern times. In each period, the frequency of each mammal species was counted. This process allows us to evaluate the occurrence of species through time. The article includes a discussion focussed on the most abundant game species: ungulates, hare, beaver, bear, and fox. Co-occurrence and correlation of incidence of species are also evaluated.

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