Savci ve sbírkách škol s přihlédnutím k historii mammalogických výzkumů na Novojičínsku [Mammals in school collections and the history of mammalogical research in the region of Nový Jičín (NE-Moravia, Czech Republic)]

Stránky 61–68
Lynx, nová série | 1999/30/1

The paper documents importance of schools and museums in the region of Nový Jičín in local studies of natural history. Large collections of vertebrates including mammals can be found in these institutions. The collections were mostly set up by anonymous students. The oldest written message is dated in 1875, however, published reports on the collections appeared as early as in the 1840’s and 1850’s. Preparations of mammals were performed by J. Talský. In 1991, we summarized available materials preserved in schools in the Nový Jičín region, and following numbers of species were found in individual orders: insectivores (1), bats (4), primates (3), carnivors (12), seals (1), edentates (2), rodents (9), lagomorphs (2), artiodactyls (2). It was impossible to determine a part of the specimens kept in the collections. The way of preparation and information about the attached notes of preparators is also reported.

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