Ohlédnutí za chovem goralů tmavých (Nemorhaedus goral) v Zoologické zahradě v Praze [A retrospect on the breeding of gorals (Nemorhaedus goral) at Prague Zoo]

Stránky 113–120
Lynx, nová série | 1999/30/1

The taxonomy of the genus Nemorhaedus is considerably ambiguous. It can be cleared up only by investigation of abundant comparative osteological materials, by ethological and ecological studies and by karyological and biochemical research of individuals from the whole distribution range. According to the International Red Book IUCN, free-living gorals in individual regions are regarded as a critically endangered (E), endangered (V), or suspected as endangered (K) species, respectively. In the International convention CITES, this species is included in the first (most intensively protected) category. In zoological gardens, the number of gorals increases, however, the ratio of animals reared there at the same time decreases remarkably (tab. 1). In this contribution the breeding of gorals in the Prague Zoo was recorded from 1960 (tab. 2). The pregnancy period varied between 240 and 260 days. The occurence of a latent period of several days to several weeks should be considered. A case of delivery of twins was recorded, and this is the only record known in this species. Three individuals of the Prague breeding exceeded the age of 17 years. The age of 20 years, 4 months and 3 days, achieved by the male no. 13, is the highest longevity record in the goral. Autopsy findings indicated respiratory and vascular diseases as the most frequent cause of mortality (tab. 3). The osteometrical data regarding the Prague breeding are given. It becomes evident that N. g. caudatus, compared with N. g. griseus, shows larger absolute cranial dimensions, and its skull is relatively wider and shorter. However, owing to insufficient comparative materials, no categorical conclusions can be drawn. In the hybrids, the cranial dimensions become larger along with the increase of general proportions of the individuals.

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