ISSN : 2533-4050 (tisk), 2533-4069 (online)
Vedoucí redaktor : Jiří Kvaček

The type specimen of Debeya (Dewalquea) haldemiana rediscovered

The rediscovered specimen MGUWr 7536p, one of the syntypes of Dewalquea haldemiana, is described. It is selected as the lectotype of Debeya (Dewalquea) haldemiana (DEBEY ex SAPORTA et MARION 1873) HALAMSKI 2013 and of Debeya (Dewalquea) haldemiana var. haldemiana. It is the most complete and best…

On the morphology of the vertebral column of the frigate tuna, Auxis thazard (Lacepedea, 1800) (family: Scombridae) collected from the sea of Oman

Based on morphometric studies, the vertebral column of the frigate tuna. Auxis thazard, can be divided into free morphologically distinct regions; postcranial, middle and ural. Biometrical measurement of the length, height and width of the vertebral column of Auxis thazard allows vertebral profiles…