Ikonografie předmětů cechu mlynářského / The iconography of Millers’ Guild objects

Stránky 49-66
Citace ŠIMEK, Rudolf . Ikonografie předmětů cechu mlynářského / The iconography of Millers’ Guild objects. Časopis Národního muzea. Řada historická. Praha: Národní muzeum, 2016, 185(1-2), 49-66. ISSN 1214-0627. Dostupné také z: https://publikace.nm.cz/periodicke-publikace/anrhmah/185-1-2/ikonografie-predmetu-cechu-mlynarskeho-the-iconography-of-millers-guild-objects
Časopis Národního muzea. Řada historická | 2016/185/1-2

This article looks at an issue not previously investigated in much depth in the Czech Republic, that of the iconographic interpretation of different images on millers’ guild objects, almost 140 of which we managed to acquire in photographic form. The most interesting examples of different types of guild objects were selected for the article. These were a treasury, ferrule, sign, banner, dishes, funeral shield and emblematic figures. The text describes their role within the guild, and discusses in detail the different decorative motifs. The article demonstrates that studying this issue brings many fascinating findings, but also shows us how little we know about Baroque-period milling and the everyday life of millers as guild members. The topic deserves a separate monograph along with the study of sigillographic material.

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