Der Neue Tag – jeden z konců německého tisku v Čechách a na Moravě

Stránky 31-36
Klíčová slova Der Neue Tag, Press in the period 1939-1945, Czech press after WWII, restructure
Citace KOPPLOVÁ, Barbara . Der Neue Tag – jeden z konců německého tisku v Čechách a na Moravě . Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae – Historia litterarum. Praha: Národní muzeum, 2012, 57(4), 31-36. ISSN 0036-5351. Dostupné také z:
Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae – Historia litterarum | 2012/57/4

Reflections on restructure of the Czech press after WWII often focus on denacification, retributions of crimes and betrayals conducted by journalists in the period of the Protectorate Böhmen und Mähren. Alternatively, most studies are concerned with restructuring of the Czech press after 1945, i.e. cancelation of the old and founding or renaming of the new, post-war titles. Far less attention was paid to the structural pre-requisits that influenced dynamics of development of the post-war press, and media in general. This article intends to illustrate some processes that were used in restructuring the Czech press in the period 1939–1945, but were applied again after the end of war again, and that had a grave impact on structural changes of the press after 1945 and later on after 1948. I would attempt to demonstrate such similarities and analogies on the story of founding and publishing the Protectorate´s official German daily – Der Neue Tag.

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