Further new taxa and little-known species of non-biting moth flies (Diptera, Psychodidae) from Yemen

Stránky 199-220
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae | 2005/45/1

An account of the Psychodinae, tribe Psychodini, from Yemen is given, including the description of a new genus, Psychana gen. nov. with the following five species included: Psychana rujumensis sp. nov. (type species), P. absidata (Quate et Quate, 1967) comb. nov. and P. pinguicula (Quate et Quate, 1967) comb. nov. (known from New Guinea), P. moleva (Quate, 1965) comb. nov. (Philippines), and P. pellucida (Quate, 1965) comb. nov. (Malaysia), all of them from Psychoda Latreille, 1796. Three additional new species, Copropsychoda bulbosa sp. nov., Falsologima verrucosa sp. nov. (male), and Psychoda obscuripennis sp. nov. (male), are described and figured. Psychodula harrisi (Satchell, 1950) comb. nov. (from Chodopsycha Ježek, 1984) is redescribed to give female characters and recorded for the first time from Yemen and the Afrotropical region. Comments on the generic classification of all five genera are given. A preliminary key to the tribes of the subfamily Psychodinae and to the world genera of the tribe Psychodini is added.

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