Dokumentace divadelní práce pro muzejní sbírky: reflexe projektu Divadelního oddělení Národního muzea

Pages 43-49
Museum: Museum and Regional Studies | 2015/53/2

This text presents a project implemented last year by the Theatre Department of the National Museum involving several freelancers. The project focused on the documentation of the present day, specifically on documenting the origin of theatre production during the rehearsal process. The aim of the project was to establish cooperation with theatre- makers and portray them live in all the stages involved in preparing a production. The focus is therefore on the theatre rehearsal as a space for creation, searching together, interaction, organisation and reflection. The documentation was carried out in two intentionally contrasting types of contemporary Czech theatre, in a drama production of “Kámen” (“Stone”) at the National Theatre in Prague and in the independent group Depresivní děti touží po penězích (“Depressed Children Eager for Money”) during the creation of the original project “Ludwig or Kitsch is Dead”. The documentation methods are based on the approach taken by the Akademie der Künste Archive in Berlin, where they have been engaged in similar activities since the end of the 1960s. A great deal of written, audio-visual and 3D material has been amassed, which needs to be further processed for use in research and in presenting contemporary theatre, how it is created, and the genesis of works of art. The article assesses the utility of these methods for the future continuation of the project and outlines possible pitfalls.

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