ISSN : 1803-7828 (Print), 2533-5634 (Online)
Editor in Chief : Tereza Žůrková

Jakub Srkal’s 1579 Litoměřice Cantional

On the basis of a little-known manuscript cantional from Litoměřice (1579) and of the analysis of its repertoire, this article presents new discoveries on the topic of the Bohemian song postils of the sixteenth century and on the question of the distribution and thesauration of songs during the…

The Film Music of Luboš Fišer

Luboš Fišer (1935–1999) was a prominent and original composer of the twentieth century. All his life, he worked as a freelance composer of classical music and film music. He combined these two fields, and in both he won a number of Czech and international awards. The article surveys Fišer’s film…