Notes on the distribution of hedgehogs (Insectivora: Erinaceidae) in Syria [Poznámky k rozšíření ježků (Insectivora: Erinaceidae) v Syrii]

Pages 45–53
Lynx, new series | 2001/32/1

The paper reports new records and lists the hitherto published records of three hedgehog species in Syria, viz. Erinaceus concolor Martin, 1838 [11 record localities], Hemiechinus auritus (Gmelin, 1770) [62], and Paraechinus aethiopicus (Ehrenberg, 1833) [4]. E. concolor is distributed in coastal regions and high altitude habitats with the Mediterranean climate in the northern and western Syria. P. aetihopicus occurs in Syrian desert south of the Euphrates river; H. auritus inhabits agricultural, steppe and semi-arid transient zone between dry desert and Mediterranean zones, oases and valleys of larger rivers included. Different habitat preferences rather than actual competitive interactions are expected to be major factor of the differences in distributional pattern of individual hedgehog species in Syria.

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